Open Soul of the Sea

What does the sea mean to me? 

The sea has power, yet we don’t know it. We think we control the sea, but; in fact, the sea controls us… 

The sea is a living thing. 

Even when a wave smacks you in the face, the power comes from the waves. As the wave strikes you, it hurts. I believe so… I agree. It is the pressure of the wave that shudders through you. It is the pressure of the wave that hurts. I think so…

The real beauty of the sea is when the intensity of the light, as it is shines through the water, making really fascinating patterns. This makes us want to go to the sea and look for ourselves, what a wonderful place the sea really is.  

The sea covers two thirds of our planet, where did the water come from? 

Underneath is a whole new world below the surface line of the sea, a place filled with strange plants and creatures alike. The Sea is always is on the move compared to the land. This is what I love to explore.