Making the vastness real

When I first went to The Untouched Canyon, I wanted to make the vastness of the Outback real for people in the cities.  I wanted them to feel like they were walking into the landscape, and I shot my photos this way.

But how could I make the vastness real?  Ordinary archival art rag prints look beautiful, but they can only be printed so big.  I had to do something different.

It has taken nine months but I have pioneered printing fine art onto dupion silk.  Each photo is printed onto special heavyweight silk with a flatbed printer, then varnished, before being spread onto a non-reactive frame.  I am now offering special edition images - each a strictly one-off item - printed up to 1.3m x 2.4m to bring the vastness of the Outback to your home or office.

This is the first in these images - "The Sunlit Plains Extended".  If you are interested, contact Aspire Gallery.

The next to be produced will be "Sunrise Ridge".  Watch here for more news soon.